Unanswered Questions

When does it become stone? 


A realization goes far beyond the acquirement of objective knowledge. It is epiphany-like, something brought forth into an individual’s understanding of reality, only through thought, fully rectified in their mind, beyond simply “knowing”.

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Could you imagine if they realized? Because all I do is imagine.
Fish in the sea

It’s sort of like casting a net into a pool full of fish, a pool with more fish than water, and when you pull the net out there’s nothing in it. Baffled you try again. Some how the fish avoid your net, and you realize the only fish you can get are the ones floating on the surface, starved of oxygen, disease infested, nearly dead. But if you eat those fish, will you catch their disease, will you die? 


I am cement.
Acid rain pours over me,
Slowly eroding me
Yet I remain

I hold up the shelter of many,
I say nothing as the masses trod over me,
Temporarily bearing the weight of thousands
Calling for no attention
Yet I remain.

Resilient and reliable,
Until I fade away
Only to be replaced,
And forgotten.


Something people no longer seem to understand: Relationships are not about appeasement. You don’t become a father or mother to appease your kids, you don’t become a brother or sister to appease each other. You don’t become a boyfriend or a girlfriend to simply keep your partner at bay. It is not your job as a grandparent, or an aunt or an uncle to appease your nieces and nephews and grandchildren, and you don’t have them to do so for you. Relationships are about bringing out the best in people; about trying help them become happier overall by supporting them in their journeys.  Not fucking buying them presents and cooking them food, and bringing them places. If you aren’t there for someone when they truly need it, then what are all of those things worth? Really. 

I often wonder if I died right now how my funeral would be. 


People have no imagination, 

Stonewalled by a world of commercialization 

If we use the luxury, the commodity of time to simply think, we will only understand that things are complex.


Searching, and searching, until he came upon a diamond, unbreakable it was, so he toiled with his tools. 

Most people really cannot handle the truth, and by the time they start to learn how to, it is too late.
If there is any complexity do not speak. Complexity causes fear.
How tangential our thoughts are to the well being of our people.